It all began in front of a blue translucent iMac years ago in Ogilvy and Mather. Almost without my knowledge a feeling started to slowly creep under my skin. The feeling wanted to explore the still image, it wanted to move beyond the print, it wanted to take a chance far away from the comfort zone.

That’s when film making happened. I went back to being a student, exploring the visual medium like never before.

It all seems to have turned out well… I now free lance and am loving it – I make films, take photographs, and paint. Creating for myself, creating for others, creating with a purpose, creating without, creating from a brief, creating from a whim.

I am inspired by what’s around me – I love how there is beauty all around us – in small insignificant objects, in big oversized garish buildings, in the early morning sunlight forcing it’s way into the night, in the crowded trains of Bombay, in the breeze that sways the world, in the water drop that is unwilling to fall from the tap, in the sounds of a market place, in the dilapidated bridge on my way home, in the overwhelming welcome of my dog – living in the moment is what life is!

This is my inspiration, this is my art, this is my love, this is my life!


The Starshine YouTube Channel is a space carefully designed and created for today parents and kids. The videos range from educational to informational - helping kids question, learn and evolve in a global environment. A digital world where kids can broaden their perspective, explore ideas and learn while watching.

Content Kids

Content Kids rates and reviews TV shows, Movies and Books. With the sea of mediocre shows accessible and available, it is easy for children to get lost. Content Kids enable parents give kids a smarter, more educated choice with age-appropriate reviews and ratings that you can trust.

Pictures Unfold

Pictures Unfold are a group of young enthusiastic film makers who have come together to create an experience - that should last a life time! Consisting of a synergy from different parts of the country with different cultural backgrounds we hope to add diversity to any film or project we undertake.

Blue Belly

Blue Belly has a range of exclusive Art Prints of unique intricate handmade illustrations. All of the artwork is done by Priya Belliappa using pen and ink or acrylic paints. The artworks range from abstract to quirky. Unique, exciting and fun - they will brighten up any wall and add sunshine to any corner.