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  • July 30, 2022 | 2:57 pm

God Conversations…

My 6 year old wants to be many things when she grows up. From being a vet and wildlife photographer to opening her own kind of school and running it. No surprises here – she is constantly influenced by her people, places, conversations…

One day she said that she would like to be God when she grows up…

Amused I said – Why not!

Over the past month, my child has had millions of questions about God. One day she looked out of the car, saw a temple and wanted the information on all the Gods sculpted on the “God Tower”…

We shared all the ideas, information and philosophies that we are aware of. We have also tried to explain that the Gods could have been humans who shared good ideas with people and helped them live a more joyful and fulfilling life. And over time people have imagined and re-imagined them…

Yesterday she asked me if people would build a statue of her if she told them good things.
Like what?I asked
I’ll tell them that they have to brush every day, eat healthy food, not quit school, exercise and all that…
Yes! Of course” I said “if you help many people live a good, happy life then there is a chance that they will make a statue of you and worship you…

Religion, worship, and praying are very ambiguous concepts for children to understand. We may not be able to explain much to them but, we can extend the idea of tolerance, understanding, kindness and empathy.

The above video is available on Starshine YouTube channel

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